The Al Sulaiteen Industrial Complex (SAIC) in Qatar

Doing it in Doha with a focus on farms and agriculture 🍅👌

The Al Sulaiteen Industrial Complex (SAIC) is an agricultural hotspot in Qatar. 😇💯

Specializing in fresh fruits and flowers as well as landscaping services, this green space in Qatar is very progressive.🌹😊

Having started in 1998 in a traditional open field small farm set-up, SAIC now employs over 400 staff and are also horticulture experts. 🤗👌

What produce can you expect from SAIC? 🤔









SAIC also specializes in landscaping services, flower arrangements and wholesale options.

What a place!

🤠 Give them a call on 4032 0111

🤠 Visit them online:

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