Road upgrades in record time

Recognise this road? πŸ€”

Al Furousiya Street indeed! 🀩

What happened here?πŸ€”

Between 2017 and 2019, Ashgal was sure to develop this stretch at a cost of 224,000,000 qr πŸ“πŸ˜€

How was it developed?πŸ€”

1) Increasing the number of lanes of Al Furousiya Street to 4 lanes with a service road in each direction πŸ‘
2) Converting Al Furousiya and Muaither roundabouts into signal-controlled intersections πŸ‘
3) Widening Al Manaseer Intersection πŸ‘
4) Installing 233 light poles on Al Furousiya Street πŸ‘
5) Providing pedestrian and cyclist lanes πŸ‘
6) Pavement laid and installing directional signage πŸ‘
7) Providing Intelligent Transport System (ITS)πŸ‘
8) Landscaping and developing the irrigation system πŸ‘
9) Constructing a positive storm water drainage system πŸ‘
10) Upgrading TSE network πŸ‘
11) Protecting utility lines πŸ‘

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