Rayyan Water- The Brand You Can Trust

Rayyan Water is the trusted name in crisp, safe drinking water 💦🙏😇

60km North of Doha is an underground reservoir of fresh drinking water 💦😎

This is the starting site for Rayyan’s journey into getting the purest, organic drinking water straight to your home 😊🏡

Rayyan uses a zero chlorine system and ensures top quality standards during the filtration process. 😇💦

This is the reason the water retains its light and natural taste 💯😏💦

Bottling in a variety of sizes for your convenience, Rayyan water has ensured the very best in drinking water for everyone in Qatar 🇶🇦💦

Rayyan water is bottled at source 🙏💧

Prices start at 0.75 qr and in abundant availability

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