Qatar: Onwards and Upwards

This week marks the beginning of the 4th year of the blockade against Qatar 🌴🇶🇦

Exceptional leadership, prudent fiscal discipline and proactive policy-making are just some of the factors which has given Qatar, a serious edge 🇶🇦😊.

Some of the things we have seen, these past 4 years? 🤔

🌴New trade routes with Turkey, India and Iran to fill food and other retail gaps, in a matter of weeks,
🌴The completion of the Doha Metro and on track plans for the upcoming, Tram project,
🌴Continued fuel, medical and energy security,
🌴Qatar Airways declared number one in the world,
🌴A new (and exporting) dairy industry,
🌴Early completion of FIFA World Cup 2022 Stadiums
🌴Victory as the Asian Cup Winners (football)
🌴Qatar becoming the most open country in the region, with 80 nationalites being permitted on-arrival visas
🌴10 million out of school children, given quality education through Qatar’s Education Above All Foundation

What have we missed? Tell us how you have seen Qatar flourish these past 4 years, despite being blockaded 🇶🇦🙏 We love hearing from you!

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