Foul Mudammas- An Arab favorite

Doing it in Doha, deliciously: Foul Mudammas 😋😋

What is this? 🤔

A delicious offering of stewed fava beans, generally seasoned with ground cumin and virgin olive oil. 😎🙏

Served with warm pita bread, lemon juice and herbs it’s an excellent source of protein and fibre. 🍋🍞😇

Fava beans?🤔

Not as common as black or kidney beans but absolutely delicious. 😍

Fava beans are an ancient legume, part of the Arabian Peninsula kitchen ingredients since the 4th century. 😁💯

Whats the texture like? 🤔
Creamy and buttery. Most unique indeed.👌

Any other info?🤔
Foul Mudammas is very versatile. If you like spice, add hot chilli peppers. Garlic and tomato are fantastic additions too. 🍅🌶️🔥

The ultimate vegan dish. We love foul mudammas! 🌋👌

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