Dr Bisma Sikander— world-class dentistry right here in Qatar

Qatar’s health care system has been ranked 5th best in the world 🙌😊

It is also, first in the Middle East— Legatum Institute, a London-based think tank. 🙏😍

Any recommendations for a good dentist in Qatar? 😊

On price and care, we love Dr Bisma who has a track record of dentistry excellence. 💪😎

What does Dr Bisma offer? 🤔

⭐Full diagnostics
⭐Bridgework and crowns
⭐Root canal treatments
⭐Cosmetic fillings
⭐Polishing and scaling
⭐Teeth whitening
⭐For children specifically—
👶Fillings, fluoride treatment and tooth removal

FREE consultations during August

Book an appointment today: 70551029 😊🙏

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