Before Mowsalat

Before Qatar launched Mowsalat bus and taxis in 2002, how did people get around? Aside from family vehicles, from 1965 onwards, a network of 3000 privately owned, orange busses ruled Qatar’s roads (pictured). These busses were full of character and … Read more

Ezdan Hotel

Which is the largest hotel in Qatar? That would be Ezdan Hotel in West Bay (pictured) 🏩🌴 What does ‘Ezdan’ mean?🤔 The word ‘Ezdan’ means, a gift from God 💯🙌 Since 2006, Ezdan Holding Group has extended its footprint throughout Qatar, in … Read more

Banana Ketchup

90 different nationalities in one beautiful country, means a feast in foods available. We loved this unique BANANA KETCHUP. Mashed banana, sugar, vinegar and spices are the main ingredients for this delicious Filipino ketchup. Available at Lulu’s online for just … Read more