Al-Qubib Masjid in Qatar: an historical note

The al-Qubib masjid in Qatar in 1952. 😁😇

In addition to being a beautiful religious space, the building itself offered shelter as a result of progressive design. ☀️😇

At the time, there were many leakage and flooding problems, caused by rains in residential homes of the area but the Al-Qubib masjid was not impacted.💛🙏

The masjid was therefore able to offer protection to families.😁😇

How so? 🤔

In 1878, the masjid was rebuilt with the new domed design. This advanced design came with Sheikh Muhammad bin Jassim who had travelled to Zubarah to confront persons who had seized goods from those whom he had placed under his protection.😇👍

Whilst there, the Sheikh saw a domed masjid and upon his return to Doha had architect, Al-Halimy construct this, but at twice the size. 👑😁

Leadership in action and a sure legacy for Doha’s future! 😇😇

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